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PT MUNJUL PRIMA UTAMA was founded by Mr. Tris Tanoto in 1987. It has been registered with CITES no A-ID-505 since 1996. PT MUNJUL PRIMA UTAMA focuses on breeding and exporting Ultra Red Arowana Fish and now produces F1-F5 Super Reds . The quality of PT. MPU’s super red arowanas is no doubt premium quality and is well known amongst hobbyists. PT MUNJUL PRIMA UTAMA’s Ultra Red Arowana fish have been exported to various countries especially Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Singapore and Korea.

The name ‘Ultra Red’ is actually a nickname created by the Japanese Arowana hobbyists. They regard PT MUNJUL PRIMA UTAMA’s Super Red Arowana Fish as the most RED Super Red Arowana Fish and therefore decide to call them ‘Ultra Red’ Arowana Fish.

Mr. Tris Tanoto also won an arowana contest held in Jakarta in 1996, in which he was allowed to participate by bringing only 1 of his Ultra Red Arowana Fish.


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Export Quality

We have been exporting our fish since 1985. We are experienced in handling the processes.


Our fish packaging undergoes processes in which need to be checked and confirmed before and after each process is done. Oxygen level, water level, and other things are thoroughly inspected so the Arowana Fish do not get stressed during delivery.

Water Quality

Having our own reservoirs and a considerably big well as sources of our water ensures top quality care for our fish as it is easier for us to control our water nutrients.

Experienced and Skilled Staff

We have a group of experienced people to ensure top quality and performance at all times in these segments: Production, Sales, Quality Control, and Marketing.


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